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Personal Website Hosting

Starting from
$15.00 USD
*Order will be verified and website control panel access will be setup within 24 hours.

Small Business Website Hosting

Starting from
$25.00 USD
*Order will be verified and website control panel access will be setup within 24 hours.

Business Website Hosting

Starting from
$33.00 USD

*Order will be verified and website control panel access will be setup within 24 hours.

Enterprise Website Hosting

Starting from
$40.00 USD
*Order will be verified and website control panel access will be setup within 24 hours.

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- Hosting Plans -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
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- Hosting Platforms -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
Windows Cloud Hosting
Windows Server
Linux Cloud Hosting
Intuitive Web-Based Website Control Panel
No Need to Use Command-Line Directives
Instantly Switch Between Windows &
Linux in the Control Panel Per Domain
Fully Managed Servers
that are Monitored 24/7
Clustered Server Environment with
Business Class Reliability & Scalability
Comprehensive Client Area for
Communication, Support,
Website Control, Email, and Billing
Recommended for E-Commerce and
Other Commercial Websites

- Resources -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
Protected SAN Disk Space20 GB10 GB5 GB1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Data Transfer200 GB100 GB50 GB25 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited1553
MSSQL Databases
(100MB combined space included)
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited550
Compute Cycles4,0003,0002,0001,000

- Technologies -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
Classic ASP    
(you provide certificate)

- Access & Control -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
Web-Based Website Control Panel    

- Email -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
Web Email    
Mobile Web Email    
Shared Calendars    
SPAM Filter    
Anti-Virus Protection    
Custom Filtering    

- Price -

EnterpriseBusinessSmall BusinessPersonal
Per Month$40$33$25$15
Per Quarter$120$99$75$45
Per Year
(one month free!)
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- Optional Additional Resources (per month) -

Additional Disk Space $1/per GB 
Additional Bandwidth $0.50/per GB 
Additional Email Account $2/per account 
Additional Domain $5/per domain 
Additional Subdomain $3/per subdomain 
Additional Compute Cycles $10/per 1,000 cycles 
Additional Database $3/per database 
Additional MSSQL Disk Space $8/per 100MB 

Why WebRudder Hosting?

Our Mission

At our mission is to provide business class website services to our clients. We have successfully built our business and our hosting architecture around this mission. Our hosting platform is built using a clustered server architecture which allows for business class website reliability and scalability. This is popularly referred to as a "Cloud" hosting environment. You can deploy your website with confidence as it will immediately and automatically use load-balancing and clustering to meet traffic demands ensuring an optimal visitor experience. This means you can focus on growing your business without worrying about meeting spikes or permanent increases in website demand. Additionally, our servers are fully managed which can reduce the time and cost associated with maintaining a business class hosting platform. If your business needs business class website hosting, then your business needs WebRudder hosting!

Clustered Server Hosting Architecture for Reliability & Scalability

Traditionally, a website is hosted on one server. If this one server goes down or is overloaded with demand, your website is negatively impacted. In a clustered hosting environment a website is hosted and served by a cluster or group of many servers. If one server in the cluster goes down, there are still many others available to serve your website to keep it online. Via load balancing servers can move in and out of the cluster to provide more horsepower for your website as needed or to replace a troubled server. At clustering and load balancing for your website are handled automatically by our advanced hosting architecture, which ensures a reliable platform that can instantly scale to meet increases in website demand.

Managed Windows Cloud Hosting & Managed Linux Cloud Hosting Platforms

Our hosting environment gives your website not only the computing power of multiple clustered machines, but also the flexibility to instantly select your hosting platform in the website control panel. We have a variety of hosting plans that give you access to a Windows Server/IIS cloud hosting platform, as well as, a Linux/Apache cloud hosting platform. Additionally, our advanced architecture ensures all of your website code runs in its native environment for optimal performance and reliability. For example, if you have a ASP.NET website and a PHP website, the ASP.NET code is served by a Windows cluster and the PHP code is served by a Linux cluster. Your website automatically inherits and benefits from the execution of code in an optimized environment.

A Wide Range of Supported Technologies

ASP.NET (ASP Dot Net), ASP.NET MVC (Bin-Deploy Support), Classic ASP, PHP, Python, Perl, CGI, MariaDB (MySQL compatible), MSSQL, SSL, FTP, SFTP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, Clustered "Cloud" Hosting Environment

Developer Friendly

Our team understands that hosting performance can reflect positively or negatively on a software engineer's delivered product. You can be confident that WebRudder's hosting platform will provide the horsepower and scalability required to ensure optimal web application performance. As a bonus, we also offer an affiliate program that rewards developers for trusting us with their clients. Register for an account today (it's free) and join our affiliate program!

We Can Help You Migrate Your Existing Website

If you already have a website with another hosting provider, we can help you migrate to We migrate most websites free of charge. For more information or a quote please contact us.